About us

We are a charity designed to promote Irish identity, culture and heritage and to improve the quality of life of the Irish community and others in Luton.  

Luton Irish Forum is a registered company limited by guarantee with a fully accessible community centre where our welfare, cultural, social and volunteering services are coordinated and take place.

Our Aim and Values

It is our vision and mission to support the Irish community in Luton to reach their full potential by providing welfare, social, cultural and volunteering opportunities for the Irish and all local communities.

To relieve people in need, poverty or distress, particularly, but not exclusively of Irish descent, through the provision of advice and information concerning health and benefits as well as other support.

To advance the education of the public, particularly in Irish music, drama, arts, the Irish language and through the holding of an annual St Patrick’s Day festival.

Other charitable purposes, particularly the provision of facilities for the benefit of the public, particularly but not exclusively for persons of Irish descent in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for those people.

At Luton Irish Forum we are:

  • Caring, compassionate and considerate
  • Committed to quality and innovation 
  • Candid — honest and transparent
  • Connected to Irish identity and traditions
  • Champion of communities and volunteers


Meet the team

Noelette Hanley Chief Officer

Nicola McLaughlin Welfare Case Supervisor

Janet Brennan Volunteering Officer

Liz O'Halloran Office Manager

Heather Roy Welfare Case Officer

Jacqueline Humfrey Welfare Service Support Worker

Lucie O'Donnell Welfare Case Officer

Kausar Ahmad Welfare Case Officer

Sue Curran Project Manager and Tutor

Fiona Martin Commissioned Youth and Heritage Officer

Pat Wallace Cleaner

Julia Wierzbowska Student Placement

Tom Scanlan Chair

Mary Winter Vice Chair

Marion Curtis Secretary

Luke Kitching Treasurer

Pauline Sylvester Trustee

Noreen Kellett MBE Trustee

Mick Maguire Trustee

Denise Sadleir Trustee

Gill Grant Trustee

Dee Drennan Trustee

Elleesa Rushby Trustee

Siobhan Rooney Advisor to the Board