Traveller Family fun Day

Traveller communities in England face significant health inequalities, including higher rates of mortality, morbidity and long-term health conditions, and a higher prevalence of anxiety and depression compared to the settled population. 14% of Travellers rate their health as bad or very bad, compared with 6% of White British and 9% of Irish people.

Because of this, we partnered with Public Health, the University of Bedfordshire and Dr Tahir Mehmood to deliver our third family focused event. Fr Tony of St Mary’s Church, Dunstable, a great friend of the Traveller community made the church hall available for us.

Irish snacks and refreshments, a children’s entertainer, makeup demonstrations, passport advice, welfare support and physical wellbeing checks and advice together made this a worthwhile fun event. Huge thanks to our partners, volunteers and staff for making this day a great success.

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