Equality & Diversity Policy

1. Purpose

This policy is in compliance with the Equality Act 2010 to promote and protect the equality of opportunity afforded to Luton Irish Forum’s users, employees, potential employees and trustees.


This policy sets out LIF’s intention to ensure that no user, applicant for employment, employee, former employee or her trustees is treated less favourably and as a result suffers direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation, harassment, discrimination by reason of association, discrimination by reason of perception and third party harassment.


This policy is non-contractual in effect and does not form part of normal terms and conditions of employment. The company reserves the right to change the terms of this policy from time to time and to introduce a replacement procedure as may be required.


2. Scope

This policy covers all users, applicants for employment, employees, volunteers, Trustees of the LIF who must comply with its provisions. Visitors and independent or third party contractors on LIF’s premises are also required to comply with the terms of this policy and any instance of discriminatory conduct by any customer, supplier or other contact of LIF will also be subject to its provisions.


General Definitions

Discrimination is treating others less favourably because they belong to a protected characteristic. 


Protected characteristics under LIF’s Employment include: Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage and Civil partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race (this includes ethnic or national origins, colour and nationality), Religion or belief, Sex and Sexual orientation.


Protected characteristics under LIF’s non employment (i.e. users, service users and third parties) include: Age, Disability, Sex (gender), Gender reassignment, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race, Religion or belief and Sexual orientation.


Any user, applicant for employment or employee will be protected where the individual suffers: Direct discrimination, Indirect discrimination, Victimisation, Harassment, Discrimination by reason of Association, Discrimination by reason of Perception, Third party harassment.



3. Responsibility for implementation                                                                     LIF undertakes to comply with the terms of the Equality Act 2010 legislation. LIF’s aim is to promote equality and diversity in relation to its role as: 

  • An employer; 
  • A provider and a procurer of services

This policy applies to all users, prospective employees, employees, third party contractors and trustees of LIF. Responsibility for implementation of the policy is as follows:

  • The Chief Officer has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • The Chief Officer is responsible for ensuring that users, prospective employees, employees and LIF trustees are aware of and support the Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • All staff members will support the effective implementation of the Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • All users, prospective employees, employees, third party contractors, visitors  and trustees of LIF have a collective responsibility to promote equality and diversity and to behave in accordance with the Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • All users, external partners, third party suppliers, contractors, individuals, groups, organisations and others who interact with the LIF are aware of and respect LIF Equality and Diversity Policy.


4. Breaches of the Policy

LIF will treat any reports or instances of a breach of this policy with the utmost seriousness and will investigate fully and invoke the disciplinary procedure if there are grounds to believe that any such conduct is discovered. 

 Any employee who believes that any employee has been subject to treatment contrary to this policy should report the matter immediately to their line manager who will take such action as necessary to prevent any unlawful treatment from continuing. Any instances of deliberate discriminatory conduct will likely lead to instant dismissal.

Users, prospective employees, third party contractors or visitors wishing to raise a concern in relation this Policy should direct this to the Chief Officer.  Breaches of this Policy by users or prospective employees, third party contractors or visitors will be investigated and appropriate action taken.


5. Monitoring of the Policy

The Board of Trustees will receive an annual Equality and Diversity Report which will detail progress in relation to equality and diversity and the implementation of this Policy.


LIF may collect data to monitor the effectiveness of this policy and to prevent instances of discrimination from occurring.


6. Publication and Communication

The Equality and Diversity Policy will be published on the LIF webpage and displayed in the LIF office 


Last Review Date: November 2019

Next Review Date: November 2021