After a series of Think Tank meetings, LIF was formed on 17 September 1997. It came into being as government was encouraging communities to become more proactive and more involved in the general life of the community in which they lived.

The opening of Luton University and the formation of an Irish study Degree Course at the University gave a great incentive to the idea of an Irish Forum. Professor John Brannigan was head of Irish studies and was instrumental in drawing up our first constitution.

Margaret Moran, who later became MP for Luton South was the guiding force to the foundation of the first committee. Among the founding members were Eamonn Murtagh, Maggie McCahey, John Hutcheson, Frank Horan, Joseph Ward, Fr. Tom Kenny, Tom Bourke [R.I.P], Francis Bourke and John McCaffrey. The first elected Chair was Seamus Mernagh, the first Secretary was John Manning [R.I.P] and the first Treasurer, Billy Griffin.


Key Milestones